Motorized Retractable Screens in St.Augustine

If you live in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Vilano Beach or the surrounding area, call Killian’s House of Screens for Motorized Retractable Screens for your porch, patio or sunroom.

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside, enjoying the lovely view of their beautifully manicured lawns, expertly landscaped yards or tranquil blue swimming pools? When is the last time someone wanted to spend more time indoors? Living in Florida is supposed to have some perks, right?

Then again, there’s that pesky sun and the accompanying insect hordes.

palm-coast-ormond-beach-motorized-screensOur retractable motorized screens are the solution to this “Florida Dilemma.” (Yes, we coined that term.)

It’s time to enjoy those barbecues. Let the children and grandchildren play outside under your careful supervision. Start a reading-and-cocktails habit on your back patio—all without fear of being driven off just as you’re settling in.

The discomforts of glare, powerful UV rays or insect assaults are not your concern any longer. Let’s not forget the added privacy, reduced heat and energy costs, either. Plus, our remote control technology creates for the utmost in convenience.

The most important advantage is the freedom of choosing the manner in which you decide to be comfortable at your own home—how to make your outdoors work for you.

To spur that freedom, we use Rainier brand screen products for our custom installations. They range between 6 and 25 feet, and have been field-tested to sustain winds of 75-miles-per-hour.

Advantages to Motorized Retractable Screens in St. Augustine

  • Reduced glare in your indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Cooler temperatures on your patio.
  • Less exposure to the wind, rain and other elements.
  • Reduce harmful, cancer-causing and age-accelerating UV rays.
  • Eliminate mosquitos and other pesky insects from your relaxation areas.
  • Save money on energy bills by limiting sun exposure.
  • Lessen the noise from wind or exuberant neighbors.
  • Bonus:

palm-coast-motorized-screensCustomized specifically to what you want for your home, our Motorized Retractable Screens merge perfectly with your home decor, maintaining the integrity of your designs.

These Motorized Retractable Screens can be recessed from view or mounted to existing structures. Killian’s will integrate your new installation into any type of construction, whether that’s wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, or concrete.

We even have decorative window treatments for your interior!


Motorized Screen Applications are good for:

Screened Porches
Enjoy and convert your front porch, the hangout spot for families across the rest of the country, to one that you can enjoy just as much because of our Motorized Power Screens! It takes only the touch of a button to instantly screen your porch or patio.

Garage Doors
Now you can turn even your garage into yet another hospitable space for either work or play. Simply bring your garage door up, and watch as your Power Screen rolls down to screen you in without shutting off your view.

Seasonal Rooms
Rethink Florida Sunrooms, too, with our motorized screens! You can now transform it into a genuine room at the Four Seasons. Well, practically speaking.

Privacy Screens & Solar Screens
You can choose from a complete slate of privacy screen materials. With our Motorized Privacy Screens you can get privacy for that recently installed hot tub on the deck or that exposed room in the house. Our Motorized Solar Screens offer privacy, safe sun-screening and cooling shade. You pick the design, color, screen type, and sun-sensor. It feels good to watch as your screens operate automatically.

Killian’s House of Screens services these communities throughout St. John’s counties: St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach, Butler Beach, Crescent Beach, Sawgrass, Palm Valley, Nocatee, Vilano Beach, St. Augustine Shores, St. Augustine South and Anastasia Island.

If you live a little further south and you’re considering one of our solar, motorized and retractable screens, visit:  Motorized Retractable Screens in Palm Coast & Ormond Beach