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Take Back Your Outdoors

It’s time to enjoy your Florida home, mosquito free, with motorized screens from Killian’s House of Screens.

Picture the scene: Family and friends are over. Delicious food is finishing up on your expertly tended grill. Kids are climbing out of the pool and the patio table is almost set. Then, just as you take in what looks like the perfect scene, BUZZ, something bites. You swat at the pesky mosquito, but realize it’s just one of many.

Suddenly, the perfect gathering isn’t so perfect. In fact, it’s on the verge of being ruined by a swarm of insects—mosquitos, flies, no-seeums, gnats and more. They didn’t care about the countless so called “remedies”—insecticides, pesticides, repellents, you name it—you attempted to use on your lawn, bushes, and shrubs. They don’t seem to mind the candles you put out, either.

Killian’s House of Screens has the perfect solution.

Our motorized screens can shut down that entire swarm with just the touch of a button. Your patio, deck, porch or garage become an extension of your home, with all the benefits of your outdoor paradise with none of the drawbacks.

  • Eat outdoors in peace.
  • Relax in the cool night air without the inevitable swarms.
  • Easily retract your screens when they’re not needed.

Quality Products and Installation You Can Trust

Killian’s only uses Rainier brand screen products. These top-of-the-line screens are able to hold up in winds of up to 75 miles per hour. Killian’s will customize your new motorized screen system specifically to your home, perfectly merging with your décor to maintain the integrity of your designs.

Our motorized retractable screens also can be integrated into every architectural style, including: wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.  Even better, these retractable screens can be recessed from view, or mounted on existing structures.

The high quality of our materials and the care we take in installing them is why our customers have voted us “Best Around” in Volusia and Flagler Counties for 15 years in a row!

Call Killian’s today at (386) 445-4910, and you’ll never need to worry about insects ruining your day ever again.

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