Motorized Retractable Screens – Palm Coast, FL

ClearView™ Motion Screens

At the press of a button, the ClearView MotionScreen smoothly and silently glides down into place, transforming your Palm Coast living space into a fresh, ventilated, pest-free environment.

You and your family will begin to fully enjoy all of the amenities of the home you already own day or night—anytime you desire.

The ClearView MotionScreen is custom manufactured to fit both standard and oversized applications and is the best Power Screen on the market. Killian’s House of Screens offers 10 standard colors designed to blend stylishly with the decor of your home. We can also custom match any color you’d like.

The customization doesn’t end there! There are also a variety of meshes available that offer different levels of solar protection, privacy and ventilation.

With a touch of a button, the ClearView MotionScreen is there when you need it and gone when you don’t.

Power Screens Palm Coast Florida

Florida Motorized Screen Installations

Screened Porches
Enjoy and convert this traditional living space from fixed screens to a non-traditional product. With our Motorized Power Screens you touch a button and instantly screen your porch or patio on demand.

Garage Doors
Turn your garage into yet another type of living space to work or hang out in. Simply bring your garage door up, watch as your Power Screen rolls down to screen the garage for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Seasonal Rooms
With our solid clear vinyl material, you can convert any space into a real four season room. Mostly commonly installed on homes, there is a fast growing use of this product for commercial applications.

Privacy Screen
We carry a complete slate of privacy screen materials for you to choose from. With our Motorized Privacy Screens you can have privacy for that hot tub on the deck or an exposed room in the house.

Solar Screens
Our Motorized Solar Screens offer privacy, safe sun screening and secure shading. You choose your own customized design, color, screen type, and sun sensor and watch as your screens operate automatically.

Motion Screen Installation Options

Customized to each building project, our Motorized Retractable Screens merge perfectly with the décor to maintain the integrity of your design. These retractable screens can be recessed from view, or mounted on existing structures. Our Motorized Retractable Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone and concrete.

We provide “Best Around” motion screen installations in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Halifax Plantation, Grand Haven, Hammock Beach and beyond.

Killian’s House of Screens also installs Motorized Awnings in Flagler, Volusia and St. John’s, and if you’ve already had Killian’s screens installed, you can call Killian’s Seamless Gutters in Palm Coast to better protect your biggest investment.